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Int'l HYBRID Shipping Solution

  • Do you export or import parcel, documents, or freight?
  • Do you sell on eBay or Amazon or have an ecommerce site?
  • Would you like to have discounts large corporations achieve?
We have consolidated thousands of small businesses under one umbrella where everyone is receiving a Discount based on the GROUPS VOLUME! Drastically reduce your shipping costs to over 220 countries with first-class carriers that you know and trust.
Our Hybrid solution has partnered with first-class carriers who provide our Small Business Owners their own account numbers. The carriers recognize them as the shipper so whether you are exporting or importing, the carrier will pickup and deliver to the door. There are NO SIGN UP or PICKUP fees or ANY OTHER charges except the discounted cost of your shipments!
You will receive end-to-end tracking from the most reliable carriers in the industry that puts the entire world at your fingertips. Receive Fortune 500 volume discounts and benefit from reliable global services, and expert international customer service.

Group Discounts Include:

  • International Parcel and Document shipping
  • Import from anywhere in world
  • International Airfreight
  • Domestic Freight nationwide
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Coverage to more than 220 countries and territories
  • Integratable eCommerce Technologies

“ Hybrid Int'l Shipping Solution for Every Small Business! START SAVING NOW!”